Bought notoriously bad game, “Legendary”, on steam because it was 70 cents and my steam wallet had that from cards.

As a joke.

Then I went to my profile and realized that was my 200th game on steam…

I was suppose to save it for something awesome. This is not it.


Oh goddess, it’s that time again! This will be my third follow forever, and it celebrating a goal I thought I would never reach. 500+ followers! I seriously can’t believe it. I would like to thank thisgirlgames and renegons specifically for all of the support; I know without you two, I wouldn’t even be close to this goal. The blogs below are the ones that stand out on my dashboard and/or in my life. The bolded ones are friends/crushes.

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Pretty much go follow these people instead of this blog. Very amazing list of people and blogs. I have pretty much nothing to add.


So HD remasters of HD games is the new thing now?

Gotta start early so it wont seem as awkward as this gens HD remasters were.

The Extended Songs of Burial at Sea | Irrational Games


No but seriously, you can download extended songs of burial at sea over here.

Just go.


And with this post..
I regret to inform to my followers that the gaming blog is closing its doors. Probably forever.

Its pointless for me to try faking my interests in gaming and this blog anymore.
Its not cool for you neither. Nor me.

Thank you for the continued support over the year this blog lasted.
Special thanks to Tomb Raider fandom. You people are the best.

For possible future posts about game edits, art please visit my main blog.

Screenshots? Not going to be posted anymore.
Sorry for those that liked them. I dont like trying anymore. I just give up.

If you still have screenshots around or find them somehow, feel free to use them however you want. You dont need to credit or anything either. Just enjoy.

If you wish to send me ask, its still open in the new theme.

Archive is open to browse

- Astronaut-Surgeon !nk out